Solutions that Equal Success

We at Experture in Kings Park, NY are an IT/Business Consulting, advisory, and research resource that helps our clients achieve their objectives.

Historically, strategic partnerships with consulting firms have fallen short in that the relationships are:

  • Reactive - addressing symptoms rather than causes;
  • Bolierplate - where standard solutions are applied in situations where custom and unique conditions exist;
  • Unsatisfying - where the issue is identified, solutions are suggested, but no additional support is provided to fix or implement solutions.

Experture's customized methodology (developed through decades of experience) and our on-demand business model work hand-in-hand to provide our client's with an invaluable resource and a long-term commitment.

A Step above the Rest

Our values, beliefs, experience, focus on quality and inherent understanding of technology are just some of the considerations that set Experture apart from the rest. In addition, our staff is focused on several other factors that put us a step above in analyzing your business requirements and creating solutions that ultimately lead to higher productivity, more efficiency, and an improved bottom line.

Proven Track Record

We have an extensive record of accomplishments in assessing business requirements and developing strategies, solutions, and implementation plans aligned to business needs.

Results Orientation

We are focused on providing pragmatic solutions and results.

Breadth of Experience

Our Inner Core of Senior IT/Business Executives and ExperCycle practitioners combine extensive IT/Business consulting expertise with our knowledge of information technology and organizational change, and thoroughly understand the linkages between business issues and change enablers.


Experture has an extensive library of resource materials.

Vendor Independence

We develop recommendations based on business needs and good practice processes, rather than based on vendor preferences and alliances.

Partner Mindset

Experture is committed to working with your team to leverage our expertise. We are client-focused and nimble and expect to stay that way.

Passion for Excellence

Experture is so committed to success that there is a money-back guarantee with all the work that we do.

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Proudly Serving Global Clients since 2004